Redistricting needs an independent commission | Opinion

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Over the last week, we have seen a breakdown of our government and our electoral process. As the oldest constitutional democracy in the world, we should consider our electoral system sacred. Instead, we have become all too familiar with the partisan power grab and gerrymandering that occurs every 10 years. Despite the overwhelming passage of the Fair Districts amendments in 2010, Gov. Ron DeSantis has drawn a congressional map that shamefully reduces minority voting rights and is blatantly self-serving and politically motivated. This runs counter to the will of the people and harms voters’ faith in the system. That is why I believe we need a new Fair Districts amendment creating a nonpartisan independent commission that will be responsible for drawing political maps and eliminating the shameful political practice of gerrymandering. If politicians can’t be trusted to be responsible with our democracy then it is our responsibility as citizens to demand change.

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