Opinion: Gerrymandering on steroids is the new normal

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(CNN)In a redistricting cycle filled with indecent affronts to democracy, the US House of Representatives map drawn by New York Democrats is among the most obscene partisan gerrymanders nationwide. It threatens to wipe away four competitive districts, and in a state that awarded nearly 61% of the vote to President Joe Biden in 2020, all but guarantees 22 of 26 House seats will go blue.It is indefensible by most any standard, which is why both a lower state court and an appellate state court have struck it down. It is expected to be appealed to the state’s highest court next.

That’s good news for voters in New York. But combined with redistricting hardball from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis this week, it might also lock in Republican control of the US House of Representatives for the near future.

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