Michele Rayner leaves CD 13 race for another run at the state House

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Rayner will stay in the state House to fight Gov. Ron DeSantis, who she calls a ‘monster’ and ‘tyrant.’

State Rep. Michele Rayner will not seek the Democratic nomination in the race to represent Florida’s 13th Congressional District. She will instead run for re-election in the state House, albeit in a newly drawn district.

Rayner said her decision was largely based on Florida’s controversial new congressional maps

In an unprecedented move, the Governor drew his own map for the decennial redistricting process, bypassing a duty usually left to the Legislature. Democrats and advocates for Florida’s Fair Districts amendment said the approved maps violate Florida laws by reducing minority representation and manipulating boundaries to concentrate Democrats into fewer districts, giving Republicans more representation. Lawsuits have been filed challenging the map on those grounds.

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