Florida’s Redistricting Process Headed for a ‘Train Wreck’ as Veto, Lawsuits Loom

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Steven Lemongello / Orlando Sentinel (TNS)

ORLANDO, Fla. — Florida’s congressional maps remain in limbo as Gov. Ron DeSantis and the GOP Legislature continue their standoff over a Black district in North Florida. And nobody quite knows what’s going to happen next.

But lost amid the deadlock is that even the Legislature’s so-called “compromise” redistricting map would radically reshape two Central Florida seats, turning Democrat Stephanie Murphy’s district more Republican and making Val Demings’ district more white.

There is still some hope for Democrats, however, as a new lawsuit and a potential impasse following a veto could throw it all to the courts — meaning neither the governor nor Legislature might get end up getting what they want.

“There’s definitely going to be a train wreck here,” said Michael McDonald, a professor of political science at the University of Florida.

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