Florida voters look to courts to implement new congressional map

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A federal or state judge could put in place a new congressional map for Florida as the state legislature and governor remain at odds over where to draw district lines. 

Voters and voting rights groups have filed two lawsuits seeking an injunction to prevent the state’s current congressional map from remaining in effect and the implementation of a court-ordered map that’s fair and constitutional. The complaints come nearly three months before U.S. House candidates must file the necessary paperwork to qualify for office. Without a new district map, candidates won’t know where they may run and who they must petition to get on the ballot.

Gov. Ron DeSantis has promised to veto a congressional plan the legislature passed more than a week ago. Overriding his veto would require a two-third’s majority vote in both chambers. DeSantis has proposed a map that would eliminate north Florida’s African American opportunity district, while the legislature has passed a plan that would keep a Black access district in the region.

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