Breaking Down the DeSantimander

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The DeSantimander

When we last checked in on the redistricting process in the Sunshine State, the heavily Republican legislature had just sent Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) a pair of maps to sign — if courts struck down one of the plans, the other was intended as a backup. With 28 districts overall, both plans featured a dozen Joe Biden-won districts. DeSantis vetoed the plans, as he signaled that he preferred a more aggressive GOP gerrymander.

Shortly after his veto, DeSantis called the legislature into a special session to (re-)address redistricting, among a few other subjects. Although it resulted in Black legislators staging a sit-in, legislative Republicans were quick to pass the governor’s proposed congressional map last week.

As Democratic state elections analyst Matthew Isbell shows in Map 1, the DeSantis plan features 20 districts that would have supported Donald Trump in 2020, while only 8 would have backed Joe Biden.

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