Another lawsuit asks federal court to set Florida congressional map

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With Gov. Ron DeSantis vowing to veto a congressional redistricting plan, a lawsuit filed late Friday asks a federal court to set new U.S. House districts that would be used in this fall’s elections. The lawsuit, filed in the federal Northern District of Florida by two groups and five voters, is similar to a case filed Friday in Leon County circuit court. The crux is that DeSantis’ threat to veto a redistricting plan drawn up by state lawmakers jeopardizes the chances of reaching agreement on a map — and that judges should step in. “Unlike the Legislature, Governor DeSantis has demonstrated that he is not willing to abide by the law, or sign a congressional plan that does, making an impasse highly likely,” said the federal lawsuit, filed on behalf of the groups Common Cause Florida and FairDistricts Now and voters in Leon, Gadsden, Orange, Lee and Miami-Dade counties. “To date, the Legislature and Governor DeSantis have not reached agreement on a congressional district plan.”

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