A closer look at the redistricting process in Florida

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On Wednesday’s MidPoint show, host Shelley Reback and her guest co-host, political activist and veteran Tallahassee watcher, Susan Smith, took a deep dive into the redistricting process in Florida with Ellen Freidin. 

Fair Districts Florida

Friedin was the campaign chair of Fair Districts Florida, the successful citizen petition drive to amend the Florida constitution in 2010 with amendments to require new, fair voting district lines be drawn for future elections. Freidin is now chair of the coalition of organizations comprising Fair Districts Now, a redistricting watchdog that aims to ensure that the once-every-ten-years process results in rational, fair and non-partisan Federal and State voting districts in Florida. 

Though she’s skeptical that Democrats could take over the State legislature, even with fair redistricting, Freidin said, “If the maps are drawn fairly and the stakes are competitive, as they should be, we very well could see change.”

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