For decades politicians in Florida selfishly drew legislative and Congressional districts to protect themselves or advance the interests of their political parties. So effective and unabashed was this gerrymandering, that over the last decade only a small fraction of legislative incumbents were defeated. 

On November 2, 2010, Floridians overwhelmingly spoke out against this self-serving practice by passing Amendments 5 and 6 – the FairDistricts Amendments -- with 63% of the vote. This vote resulted in constitutional provisions which prohibit favoritism of incumbents or parties in redistricting. 

However, even with the rules now enshrined in the state constitution, the Congressional and Senate maps drawn by the Tallahassee politicians continue to be driven by improper intent. The latest maps do not fully comply with the constitution. Simply put, the politicians still refuse to follow the will of the people. They do not want to give up their job protection plan. 

FairDistricts Now, Inc. is continuing to provide support to Floridians who want to actively participate in the effort to be sure that Florida's 2012 districts are drawn to benefit the people and not the politicians. The only way to enforce the constitution is through further court proceedings. Only the courts can ensure that our districts are drawn to enforce the letter and spirit of the FairDistricts Amendments. 

View the Redistricting Provisions of the Florida Constitution